Maisie de Krassel Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height and Much More

Maisie de Krassel

Learn everything there is to know about Maisie de Krassel, including his Biography, Boyfriend, age, net worth, height, weight, and much more.Maisie de Krassel is a renowned personality who has made a mark in various fields. Unfortunately, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no information available about Maisie de Krassel. It’s possible that she may not be a well-known public figure or her information may not have been widely documented at that time. It’s always a good idea to rely on reliable sources and updated information to gather accurate details about someone’s biography, career, and other personal information.

Maisie de Krassel

Maisie de Krassel

Hey guys, I think you know who is Maisie de Crassel, if you don’t know who is Maisie de Crassel and Maisie de Crassel’s biography and success story, please read this post carefully.

Maisie de Krassel Biography

Maisie de Crassel is a beautiful and young famous model and social media influencer who was born in the United States on April 30, 2007 and currently lives in the United States with her family.

And her birthday falls on April 30, and on this birthday (April 30, 2021) she turned 15 years old.

Her real name is Maisie de Crassel, but people also know him by the name Maisie (her nickname).

Guys after doing a full research we have written this article about Maisie de Crassel’s biography and all the facts. So, if you are a fan of Maisie de Crassel, please read this article carefully.

Maisie de Krassel Family 

Maisie de Crassel was born in the United States on April 30, 2007 and currently lives with her family in the United States.

She follows Christianity and was born into Christian family.

Her mother’s name is Melanie De-Crassel.

We did a lot of research about her parents and brother and sister means her family but we didn’t get a satisfactory result and we will update this post whenever we get information about her family.


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Maisie de Krassel Instagram

Maisie de Crassel is a famous Instagram star who has gained a lot of fame by posting photos with inspirational captions and videos on her Instagram account and she is very popular on Instagram (the world’s most popular social media photo and video sharing platform).

As of 2023, she has over 465k followers on her Instagram handle (@maisie_dek).

And let’s talk about the average number of likes on her Instagram posts, their likes are between 15k and 25k and sometimes less and more.

Maisie de Krassel Career

Maisie de Crassel is an Instagram star and a young artist from the USA.

She started her career as a social media star and currently has over 465k followers on her official Instagram account.

Ever since she became famous on the Instagram, her success has not stopped.

Maisie de Krassel Boyfriend

Now let’s talk about the relationship between Maisie de Crassel and her boyfriend. Most of the celebrities try to keep their private and private life private.

We have done a lot of research on Maisie de Crassel’s relationship but have not found any concrete results, and as we can tell you without any concrete results, but as soon as we get any information, we will be sure to update this article.

Maisie de Krassel Height, Weight and Fitness

She has a perfect body shape and skin, shiny hair and a beautiful appearance just because of her health and fitness tips.

She cares a lot about her physical fitness and for this she regularly goes in for sports, exercise and yoga every day. But you also know that a diet plan is very essential for a strong and toned body.

She goes to the gym regularly, and when she can’t go to the gym, she works out at home.

Many of her fans and followers often ask how tall Maisie de Crassel is, so Maisie de Crassel is 5ft 3in.

And Maisie de Crassel’s weight is 49 kg, and Isabela has dark brown hair and the gray eyes.


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Maisie de Krassel Net Worth

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about how much Maisie de Crassel earns, what is the net worth of Maisie de Crassel.

As you know Maisie de Crassel is a beautiful and young famous YouTube and social media star.

Guys, net worth is completely dependent on the source of income and she has multiple sources of income but the main one is social media and she has earned a huge amount through her association with social media handles.

She charges a decent amount for sponsorships and it depends on her fans and followers how good the sponsorship amount is.

Well, as you know, she has 465k followers and the average number of likes on Instagram is between 15k and 25k.

Her estimated net worth is over $150k.

In addition, if she runs any private business, then his net worth is not included here. And we’ve researched their social media handles and tried to get their net worth estimates using the internet, so it’s not confirmed that this data is accurate.


Platform Handle Followers
Instagram @maisie_dek 465K
Twitter Update Soon N/A
YouTube Not Available N/A
TikTok Not Found Official Account N/A

Maisie de Krassel’s Hobbies, Favorites and Facts

  • Maisie de Crassel’s real name is Maisie de Crassel.
  • She was born in the United States.
  • As of 2023, she was 15 years old, her date of birth is April 30, 2007, and her birthday is April 30.
  • Maisie de Crassel is a beautiful and young famous model and the social media influencer.
  • She is very popular for posting photos with the unique poses.
  • Maisie de Crassel has over 465k followers on Instagram.
  • Her Instagram ID is @maisie_dek.
  • Her favorite hobbies are traveling, photography and filming.
  • Friends, we have little information about her family, so if you know something about her that is not in this post, please include this information in the comment box so that I can update this article.


What is Maisie de Krassel real name?

Maisie de Krassel’s real name is Maisie de Krassel.

What is Maisie de Krassel nick name?

Maisie de Krassel’s nick name is Maisie.

What is Date of Birth (Birth Date) of Maisie de Krassel?

Maisie de Krassel’s Date of Birth (Birth Date) is April 30, 2007.

What is Maisie de Krassel age?

Maisie de Krassel’s real age is 15 Years as of 2023.

Is Maisie de Krassel married?

No, Maisie de Krassel is not married

Who is Maisie de Krassel boyfriend?

Maisie de Krassel’s boyfriend name is Not Known.

Maisie de Krassel Weight and Height?

Maisie de Krassel Height is 5 feet 3 inches and Weight is 49 Kg.

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